Top Aftermarket Wheel Designs for Modern Vehicles Credit: Top Gear

Modern vehicles come in various styles and sizes, and aftermarket wheel designs have evolved to meet the demands of today's drivers. Here are some of the top aftermarket wheel designs for modern vehicles, balancing aesthetics, performance, and innovation.

1. Multi-Spoke Wheels

Multi-Spoke Wheels Credit: eBay

Multi-spoke wheels, ranging from thin to thick spokes, offer a sporty and sophisticated look. They work well with sports cars, sedans, and SUVs, enhancing aesthetics and performance.

Popular Brands:

  • Vossen VFS Series
  • Enkei Raijin
  • BBS CH-R
2. Mesh Wheels

Mesh Wheels Credit: Wheels

Mesh wheels feature intricate designs resembling a mesh net, providing an aggressive and luxurious appearance. They’re popular among luxury sedans and sports cars.

Popular Brands:

  • HRE FlowForm FF04
  • Rotiform LAS-R
  • Work VSXX
3. Split-Spoke Wheels

Split-Spoke Wheels Credit: Foregline

Split-spoke wheels have a distinctive design where each spoke splits into two or more spokes, offering a unique aesthetic that suits various vehicle types.

Popular Brands:

  • Niche Misano
  • Forgeline CF1
  • Rohana RFX11
4. Deep-Dish Wheels

Deep-Dish Wheels Credit: EU American Racing

Deep-dish wheels have a recessed center, giving the wheel a more aggressive and wide look. They are popular among muscle cars and custom vehicles.

Popular Brands:

  • American Racing Torq Thrust M
  • Weld Racing RT-S
  • Rotiform BUC-M
5. Concave Wheels

Concave Wheels Credit: HRE Wheels

Concave wheels feature a curved design that creates a striking appearance, often used on sports cars and luxury vehicles to enhance their aggressive stance.

Popular Brands:

  • ADV.1 ADV05R
  • Niche Essen
  • HRE S201
6. Flow-Formed Wheels

Flow-Formed Wheels Credit: CarGym

Flow-formed wheels are lightweight and strong, making them perfect for performance-oriented drivers. Their sleek designs offer a modern touch to various vehicle types.

Popular Brands:

  • Konig Ampliform
  • BBS SR
  • Rotiform RSE
7. Beadlock Wheels

Beadlock Wheels Credit: Method Race Wheels

Beadlock wheels clamp the tire’s bead, ideal for off-road vehicles and trucks. They come in rugged designs that withstand harsh conditions while adding style.

Popular Brands:

  • Method Race Wheels 305 NV
  • Black Rhino Armory
  • Fuel Anza
8. Retro-Style Wheels

Retro-Style Wheels Credit: American Racing Wheels

Retro-style wheels give modern cars a touch of vintage appeal. They draw inspiration from classic designs but incorporate modern engineering.

Popular Brands:

  • American Racing AR62 Outlaw II
  • Cragar S/S Super Sport
  • Rota RB


Choosing the right aftermarket wheel design for your modern vehicle depends on your style preferences, vehicle type, and driving needs. Whether you prefer sporty, luxurious, or rugged designs, there's a wheel to enhance your vehicle's appearance and performance.